Asker Atelier

June Edvenson
Art for Life

Welcome to Asker Atelier!

Pastels    Paints    Pencils    Inks

My studio and office is located in Asker, Norway, along the coastline of the Oslo fjord at Leangbukta, which means "sheltered bay."  I create works on paper and canvas with paints, pastels, pencils, pens and graphic inks.  

I reach out regularly for inspirations: workshops, museum exhibitions, on-site trips, and plein air painting and drawing. 


You are welcome to visit, either as part of a group or individually, as we could arrange. 

Velkommen til Norway and Asker Atelier!

"Quotable Quotes"

"The world needs art because it can shift your perception of the world. . . Maybe it's not about answering the questions; it's about creating the answer." 

-Terence Koh, Documentary shown in Norway, October, 2016

"Art for Art's sake.  Why not?  Art for Life's sake.  Why not?  Art for Pleasure's sake.  Why not?  What does it matter, as long as it is Art?"  

-Paul Gauguin, French painter

"I want it to look like something it is. And I think a picture is more like the real world when it's made out of the real world." 

-Robert Rauschenberg

"An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs."  -Edgard Varese